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This is known as Hot Water Extraction or Steam Clean.

Types of carpet cleaning

Having a problem with cleaning your carpet? With all the stains or dirt trap in the beautiful carpet but you won’t dare to touch it because you would like to keep its quality and its life after? In Irvine carpet cleaning there are few companies that are popular and, they use a different method to provide the quality protected and clean carpet.



Before calling their services, know first what are their styles and what are the effects.

You will hear about dry cleaning, wet cleaning, and other types but do you know how does it work?

Here are the few of them.

  • Dry Clean

There are two types of this type of cleaning, this can be done using an absorbent compound or the dry foam. With the absorbent pad, it is mixed with a special solvent and spread in a carpet. The powder will absorb the dirt and needs to be left for a few minutes and cleaned using a vacuum.

  • Dry Foam

For dry foam or shampoo method, it is spread to help absorb the impurities and will need to create the foam using a machine. The foam will be removed using a vacuum.

  • Wet Clean

This method uses specially formulated chemicals that are added in the water to help the dirt removed easily and a special machine used and left for quite some time before doing a vacuum. Even it is a recommended method even it will take time to dry it up.

  • Bonnet cleaning

It is used for a light maintenance for the carpet. It is cleaned first using a vacuum and applied with a special solution. The pad is then placed over the surface, this will help the chemicals to be absorbed easily.




Many people buy rugs and throw them away after some time

Rug Cleaning Newport Beach Services

This is mainly because there are cheap rugs and cleaning them isn’t really something easy. However, there are some rugs that are actually expensive. This means that you cannot just throw it away. Cleaning expensive carpets also requires a lot of care because if you use the wrong chemicals then it would be damaged. There are also really large rugs and carpets which takes a lot of time to clean. The good news is that there are a lot of carpet and rug cleaning services that can clean any type of carpet and rug.


There are many benefits that these services providers can offer such as:

  1. Rush jobs
  2. Cheap fees
  3. Good services

You can be assured that all good services providers like rug cleaning Newport beach can deliver good services. You don’t have to worry about the expensive rugs that you have since they know how to take care of those. They also use the right materials in order to preserve the quality of the rug and the carpet. Most of these service providers also provide discounts for regular customers and big orders.


In order to choose the best service provider, you will have to look at the reviews. The most expensive providers aren’t really the most expensive ones. The reviews will tell you everything about it. Most of the companies will also have the same base price because of the tight competition. This means that the deciding factor will probably be the quality of service and the amount of discounts that they can provide. Most companies offer big discounts on big events and bigger orders. Some of them may not apply on rush jobs but they are still very reasonable. You can find all the information in the websites operated by these companies.

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